«Empowering us all to make like-minded
friendships in our adulthood»

Melanie Aronson

This is Melanie Aronson | Founder of Panion

On this tenth episode, I had an engaging, inspirational and a mindful talk with Melanie Aronson, the founder of Panion. Panion is a leading community management platform that helps create meaningful connections through interests.

When I met her the platform was solely for individuals; it has now fully switched into a community tool for your brand, organization, university...

From a background in anthropology and film industry in the U.S. to creating her startup in Sweden, Melanie brings a fresh, innovative and smart way to create friendships.
Her knowledge and understanding: being an artist, filmmaker and researcher brings on the field a unique vision full of wellbeing and impact.
Diluting any differences in order to focus on what matters, human connections that can grow into meaningful relationships.

She shares with us her journey as an entrepreneur, creating Panion after arriving in Sweden and how she is aware of the challenges she can face as a female entrepreneur
but mostly focusing on the capacity and enthusiasm of her idea and vision.

She is a leader that values collaboration and growth sharing some of her routines that helps her stay grounded as a proactive founder.

Dive into our conversation and discover an innovative voice that sparks the interest and eye of the industry.

You can contact her and exchange on her entrepreneurial journey!

Where you can find him:
@panion | Panion | @ Melanie Aronson

Goodies of the episode

💶    Funding male vs female entrepreneurs  _ Studies are showcasing a gap in funding processes and raising capital

🦄   Transformational techQ _ A redefinition of wellness through technology.

✏️   Panion and Covid aftermath _ How her company is coping during the COVID-19 pandemic and what the future holds.

🐓   Tech pioneers _ Pioneers of the new world: winners of the European startup world.

🇸🇪   Lagom _ A concept from Sweden, meaning not too much not too little.

🧘🏽   Life-work balance _ One of the most common phrases associated with balance is the idea of work-life balance.

👫🏿   Friends and happiness _ Mike Duffy has researched happiness for over 30 years.

🙋🏽🙋🏼   The purpose of friendship _ Enlightening vision of The School of life.

🚀  Captivate _ The Science of Succeeding with People by Vanessa Van Edwards.

🎬   Storyteller _ Some of her films and more.

The recording of the projects started from October 2019 to December 2019. During those months I allowed the city and connections to bring to me these brilliant minds.
Before each conversation, I created a little introduction guide with themes we could talk about during our talk and expand them.

From the beginning, I wanted the guests to share objects or quotes that motivated  and kept them grounded. I was at each time surprised by what they brought and how it enlightened the talks.

I didn't really prepare for each conversation other than the guide I shared with them. The main wish was to follow the flow and be in the moment, allowing the intuitive questions to come and find resonance.
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