«Political candidates also want to see
their convictions get results
and change lives for the good»

Camilla Beaven

This is Camilla Beaven | Former political candidate

On this eight episode, I had a pleasure to have a sisterhood talk, full of passion for a needed role in our society, with Camilla Beaven a former political candidate in the county of Whales in the UK.

From an enlightening discovery of the mechanism of politics to shadowing a female politic she admired, she grew her voice at every step to stand in elections and be the change where she felt suited.

She shared with us the evolution of the process and understanding of the need of more female politicians and celebrate the work to be done, but also encourages all of us to take back our power by engaging and collaborating politically.

She sheds light on her transition from stepping out of politics for now, to entering the adventure of an expat life in Denmark. Sharing her insights and key lessons but also her letting go of what is next.

Dive into the talk and discover an eloquent and empowering woman in politics.

You can contact her and exchange on her journey!

Where you can find her:
@ Camilla Beaven

Goodies of the episode

👏   Yes Minister! _ A hilarious inside view of downing street.

⚖️   The house of commons _ A space full of knowledge with it’s unique moments.

🏭   Political theory: John Ruskin _ Focus only on things you can change.

🌊   Female suffrage in Europe _ A history of achievement of citizenship.

🦄   Dr. Tererei Trent _ Do you have an “impossible dream”?

👩🏻   Why ''Everything Is Figuroutable'' _ Install this core belief in you. Little preview.

🎤   This meeting of two minds from different backgrounds _ Inspiring ‘’unscripted’’ conversation between Alain de Botton and Ayishat Akanbi.

🎨   Art and politics _ Art as a therapy _ Politic needs creativity.

🇩🇰   The Little Book of Hygge _ A Danish sense of happiness.

🌼   Bloom Where You're Planted _ The expat life.

🤡   The joke that went wrong _ A comedian-politician in Iceland.

🎙   The art of public speaking _ A breakdown of how to master the way to speak with impact by Brenden Kumarasamy

The recording of the projects started from October 2019 to December 2019. During those months I allowed the city and connections to bring to me these brilliant minds.
Before each conversation, I created a little introduction guide with themes we could talk about during our talk and expand them.

From the beginning, I wanted the guests to share objects or quotes that motivated  and kept them grounded. I was at each time surprised by what they brought and how it enlightened the talks.

I didn't really prepare for each conversation other than the guide I shared with them. The main wish was to follow the flow and be in the moment, allowing the intuitive questions to come and find resonance.
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