«In everyday, everyday, lies one of the keys
to regenerating creativity and clarity.
Power is being on the edge of the seat»

Jakub Rubinowski

This is Jakub Rubinowski | Business developer and mentor

On this seventh episode, I had an inspiring and experienced talk with Jakub Rubinowski, business developer and mentor at the CSE in Copenhagen. Entrepreneurship is the default for him, from his childhood to him creating case competitions at university, he has grown an eye and strength in what it means to develop businesses into successful companies.

He shares with us a set of meaningful values and wake-up calls concerning the backstage of entrepreneurship with the awareness of the jungle of opportunities and lessons to be learned and mastered by each entrepreneur who enters the arena.

He portrays a bold and positive view of failure and celebrates it throughout his work with his team at the CSE. He empowers us to appreciate and exercise the entrepreneur in each one of us.

An analytical mind but also a sci-fi-humour enthusiast.

Dive into the talk and discover a ''must'' mind to discover and learn from.

You can contact him and exchange on his journey!

Where you can find him:
@ Jakub Rubinowski | CSE (Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship) 

Goodies of the episode

👏   Big Ideas for Curious Minds _ the largest questions about time, mortality, happiness and the meaning of it all.

🦄   Start with Why _ the largest questions about time, mortality, happiness and the meaning of it all.

🌾   The Power of process _ to create positive change, don’t obsess over specific goals.

👩🏻   Female hackathon _ a female point of view on tech.

🚀   Venture cup Denmark _ platform to help ambitious and curios university startups.

🏭   Company culture _ Design or Default?

🗻   Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies _ wise thoughts on confidence.

🎲   Rubik's Cube _ some maths principles.

🧠   Luminosity _ simple exercises reshaping your brain.

The recording of the projects started from October 2019 to December 2019. During those months I allowed the city and connections to bring to me these brilliant minds.
Before each conversation, I created a little introduction guide with themes we could talk about during our talk and expand them.

From the beginning, I wanted the guests to share objects or quotes that motivated  and kept them grounded. I was at each time surprised by what they brought and how it enlightened the talks.

I didn't really prepare for each conversation other than the guide I shared with them. The main wish was to follow the flow and be in the moment, allowing the intuitive questions to come and find resonance.
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