«Transforming the experience of job searching
and talent hunting, where the talents of today birth»

Peter Busk

This is Peter Busk | Founder of CareerTogo

On this sixth episode, I had a pleasure to have an enlightening and purposeful talk with Peter Busk, founder of CareerTogo. A career platform which believes that finding a job for students should be simple and fun. 

Startup founder, invested and mission-driven, Peter portrays with deep precision the state of job searching of students and graduates. Questioning and solving the gap of the encounter between companies and students.

He embodies a purposeful talk on a generational issue, but beyond that, the need to "be" a solution to the problem. Since stumbling upon the idea of his startup to building the solution he is entrusted with, for a greater good, focusing on working hard to create meaningful results.

He shared his process, vision and some dreams to be realised with openness and clear knowledge of the leader he is growing into.

Dive into the talk and discover a leader and solution seeker to watch in 2020 and beyond.

You can contact him and exchange on his entrepreneurial journey!

Where you can find him:
| CareerTogo | @ Peter Busk

Goodies of the episode

👏   The focus and care in making your vision coming true _ Arnold Schwarzenegger's wise words to inspire to take action.

🦄   People political festival in Folkemødet, Denmark _ a special event where everybody from CEO’s to employees and more meet and mingle for 3 days. A mix of political, business, organizations who gather and tell their stories.

📕   4 hours work weekTimothy Ferriss has ''A'' point! Working smart escaping the 9 to 5.

🔭   Ambitious entrepreneurship _ some entrepreneurs have higher ambitions, a condition to actual firm success.

✏️   What can I do when I grow up? _ A job to love _ a set of bright ideas for everybody.

🔮   The Paradox of Choice _ impactful point of view by Barry Schwartz.

🗓    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People _ focus only on things you can change.

The recording of the projects started from October 2019 to December 2019. During those months I allowed the city and connections to bring to me these brilliant minds.
Before each conversation, I created a little introduction guide with themes we could talk about during our talk and expand them.

From the beginning, I wanted the guests to share objects or quotes that motivated  and kept them grounded. I was at each time surprised by what they brought and how it enlightened the talks.

I didn't really prepare for each conversation other than the guide I shared with them. The main wish was to follow the flow and be in the moment, allowing the intuitive questions to come and find resonance.
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